Feet first into Twitch!
Author: Ryan "Gravius" Berry

09 Aug 2016

Social Media is crazy, and the amount of effort and work that goes into expanding a company through social media can, at times, become massively overwhelming. Even when that company was created for Gamers by Gamers, and centers almost entirely around gaming and gaming news. There is a lot of it, I mean a LOT of news to filter through... thank the Pixels for Google Alerts! Balance in life comes from making what you do into what you love, or doing what you love for work. So how do I play games in away that helps the company find a new audience? Twitch.TV apparently. This a service I have heard a lot about, and being someone connected into the convention scene something I know has a lot of power and influence in the gaming world.

Of course our company uses Twitch, a few of our event staff and volunteers have been using the service since it became available. But I have never had my own Twitch feed, and I have never looked at how to use this tool as a Social Media outlet. So time to figure it out! Plus it means I can claim to be working while I play The Division of GTA, right? ;)

Gam3rCon 2016: Level Up!
Author: Ryan "Gravius" Berry

06 JUN 2016

Back in September of 2015 I began to work on graphic assets and illustrations for a local convention here in San Diego. First working on re-branding and re-developing the logo they had used for the last six or so years and then developing a new logo for their off season event, which is held in January. Just after the first the of year the company offered me a position as the Creative Director, which I took, and I began to work a lot more closely withing the organization. My first event with the company, Gam3rBowl in early February, was a hit. As our founders retired and the company has continued to grow over the last several months I have settled into my roles as both Creative Director and Chief Operations Officer for the growing convention and company!

It has been an awesome ride, and I am looking forward to the challenges of not only running a convention but being instrumental in shaping the artist direction of a major San Diego convention. We are getting ready to head into our mind season event in February! As well as looking to expand our primary convention in June of 2017!

Fantastic, Fabulous Creatures & Beasts Vol. III
Author: Ryan "Gravius" Berry

09 OCT 2015

Several months ago I began to work with author Melaine Dellas on the third book of her series: Fantastic, Fabulous Creatures & Beasts. Inside volume three of the book, you will find twenty of my digital paintings to accompany Melaine's poems. Working to not only illustrate, but also create the other resources for, and later assemble a full book was an amazing experience. One, I hope, leads to more work with Melaine in the future. With the release of volume three of the series just days away I am very excited to have entered the world of published illustrators and I am looking forward to whatever projects or challenges might be right around the corner.